Merino wool from Australia

The finest wool in the world comes from Australia and New Zealand, where they raise Merino sheep. Merino sheep were originally bred in the Mediterranean, but today first-class Merino fleece comes from breeders in Australia.

A single sheep gives just 2 kg of first-class wool per year. After going through a very thorough control and sorting process, the wool is sold at auction each year from September to May. Loro Piana always buys the best bales of wool, with fibers of less than 13 microns. It regularly purchases top quality wool: Top Line 1 PP (i.e. 1 plus plus), which guarantees that the cloth will be exquisitely fine, pure and of the highest possible workmanship.

Out of the 3 million bales of wool offered at auction each year, Loro Piana buys 30 to 50 of the highest quality bales. Only one can be declared the best, and Loro Piana has bought the very best bale for more than 20 years.

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