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Loro Piana offers more than 1,500 types of fabrics, from the finest sheep wools, cashmere, baby cashmere and vicuna to the finest silks combined with other fibers.

Tasmanian has become synonymous in Italy with "light woolen fibers". The original meaning of the word indicates the island of Tasmania to the south of Australia. This collection uses only the finest Merino wool. The collection is divided into Summer Tasmanina and Winter Tasmanian. This fabric is known for being resilient, light, comfortable, having good thermal properties and a low wrinkle factor. Suitable for general purposes.

Zelander uses the finest Merino wool from New Zealand, which is exceptionally white. This fabric is known for its gloss, flexibility and strength. Zelander cloth is very modern, giving a fresh and dynamic impression and always offering ultimate comfort. It is suitable for casual use and relaxation as well as for moments when you want to shine and take center stage. Zelander cloth is a joy to the touch.

Wave is a collection of fabrics with a unique production method. This triple yarn combination uses the finest Merino wool (130 S) and silk (600), which is the finest fiber in the world. As compared to other fabrics, those from the Wave collection are very strong, unusually resilient and very breathable.

Wish is made up of selected fibers from the best 170 Australian Merino wool. Fabrics from the Wish collection are bursting with elegance that you can do more than dream about - you can actually possess it.

Cashmere Wish is a combination of the finest cashmere and 170 Merino wool. The two different materials combine well: the lightness of wool along with the strength of combed yarn. Try on a jacket that is at once elegant and informal. The beauty of this fabric is equaled only by its comfort.

Record Bale is a limited line of fabrics that are as rare and special as jewels. This is the best wool produced in the world. Each year Loro Piana buys the best Merino wool collected in Australia and New Zealand, which are both known for producing the finest wool, and from which Loro Piana has been buying since 1997.

Zelander Flower represents a unique technique that helps give Loro Piana elegant, refined fabrics that are at once close to nature and yet fully modern and filled with luxury. These naturally dyed fabrics become even more unique after being dyed with natural pigments. Loro Piana gets its fascinating colors from walnuts and blueberries as well as substances from more exotic countries and plants such as logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum), Senegalia catechu (Acacia Catechu) and indigofera (Indigofera).

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