Cashmere from China and Mongolia

Loro Piana gets fiber for top quality cashmere from cashmere goats living in China and Mongolia. Loro Piana has established relations with the Chinese government through the Loro Piana company Mongolia Limited, which is based in Mongolia, just north of China. It is one of the largest producers of cashmere and baby cashmere in the Western world.

Cashmere comes from the hair of the cashmere goat, and "baby cashmere" comes from baby cashmere goats. Loro Piana has developed a unique method for collecting fibers for baby cashmere. It collects the fibers for baby cashmere gently and safely just once in a goat's life, between the third and twelfth month. Each spring, as soon as the weather permits, the baby goats are sheared and Loro Piana buys the best, finest cashmere in April and May. This gives it extremely rare, exquisite fibers from baby goats to make baby cashmere.

One baby goat produces no more than 80 g of premium fibers and an adult produces up to 250 g. After processing, 30 to 40 g of baby cashmere remain per baby goat. This means that one sweater, for instance, takes fibers from 19 baby goats, and one coat takes fibers from 58 baby goats. This is why this type of cloth is available in such extremely limited amounts.

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